Talia Silveri Wright’s (aka little talia) work ranges 12×12 inches to .2x.2 centimeters in scale, incorporating handmade miniature sculpture. She draws on pop culture, kawaii culture, modern art, and Americana as themes, utilizing materials such as sculpey clay, acrylic paint, resin, plastic and found objects.

As a miniature sculptor, street artist, and photographer, Wright has a longstanding practice of leaving miniature sculptures and imagery in the nooks and crannies of the natural and built environments.  This ongoing street art project, Minis In Situ is a photographic series featuring miniature sculptures/ installations placed throughout Seattle, WA and beyond. The miniatures are installed, photographed, and left for passersby. Through this work Wright collaborates with the natural and built environments exploring scale and ideas such as free art, sharing, futility and greed.

Wright lives and works in Seattle, WA and is originally from Buffalo, NY and was born in LosAngeles, CA.

Sources of inspiration that deserve shout outs include: My Mom, Joseph Cornell, Claes Oldenberg, Slinkachu, and Friends with You, and the MJT in Culver City, CA.