Art Interruptions 2016, Miniature Mobility

Great Seattle Snowstorm of 1916


Miniature Mobility, a series of installations for Art Interruptions 2016

Over three feet of snow fell between January 31 and February 2, 1916. The image depicts a work crew of the Seattle, Renton & Southern Railway shoveling snow from the big storm of February 1916. The photo was taken near the Rainier Valley car barns located near Rainier Avenue near Hudson & 39th Ave. where the new Safeway Store was built in 1961-1962.

*Street Car 3.8 *Street Car 3.3


My first public art commission, Art Interruptions, is an annual temporary art program created by the Office of Arts & Culture in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation with 8 installations along the Rainer Valley East-West Neighborhood Greenway.

Miniature Mobility honors the history of Seattle transit (especially in Rainer Valley) -from street cars to light rail – with a transportation-themed scavenger hunt. The tiny artworks, measuring approximately 1.5″x.75″ will be installed in unexpected locations along the Greenway. The transportation themed sculptures are inspired from historic and current day street cars including buses, trains, bikes and other forms of transportation.