Art Interruptions 2016, Miniature Mobility

1971 Picnic


Miniature Mobility, a series of installations for Art Interruptions 2016

This is a snap shot from 1971 including a throwback picnic highlighting some vintage 1970’s-inspired transportation. The micro miniature roller skates (1cm x 1cm) have beads for wheels and the bicycle (5cm x 5cm) is painstakingly crafted from scrap pieces of metal. If you look closely there is a micro mini LIFE magazine from 1971 featuring Germain Greer on the cover. The headline reads: Saucy Feminist that Even Men like. This little historical nod ties to our present day moment as we embark on our first female President who despite making history Hillary Clinton has been the target of sexism since she launched her presidential campaign in 2016. Facing critiques on themes ranging from the tone of her voice to the outfits she wears to her interactions with her husband, Clinton has been constantly attacked on a personal level skirting the negative and positive aspects of her platform as a candidate.

About the location: Cheap Chickadee Thrift Store is a small house next door to the South Seattle Senior Center which sells donated items to raise money for programs at the center. Stop by – they have some surprising and wonderful bargains and some of the best vintage attire I have found in Seattle! The Southeast Seattle Senior Center is a daytime activities center for older adults. They provide fun, community and social services.

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art interupted354Cheap Chickadee


My first public art commission, Art Interruptions, is an annual temporary art program created by the Office of Arts & Culture in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation with 8 installations along the Rainer Valley East-West Neighborhood Greenway.

Miniature Mobility honors the history of Seattle transit (especially in Rainer Valley) -from street cars to light rail – with a transportation-themed scavenger hunt. The tiny artworks, measuring approximately 1.5″x.75″ will be installed in unexpected locations along the Greenway. The transportation themed sculptures are inspired from historic and current day street cars including buses, trains, bikes and other forms of transportation.