Trouble On the Port

Trouble on the Port


street art/ mixed media/ installation/ sculpture

Print: 6”x6”x1”, miniature installed: 2”x1½ ”

Minis In Situ is an ongoing street art project by artist Talia Silveri Wright. This photographic series features miniature sculptures placed throughout Seattle, WA (and beyond). The miniatures are placed, photographed, and left for passersby.

This piece was a reaction to the slow down at the Port of Seattle in 2015. While installing these pieces with superglue I met a truck driver named Taz who had been sitting waiting for 5 hours. I have always been fascinated with the geometry of shipping containers— they are like beautiful blocky beasts that we feed to the sea. The slowdown got me thinking (somehow for the first time ever) about the items inside. Weird.