Tips from a Sloth

Tips from a Sloth 


street art/ mixed media/ installation/ sculpture

Print: 6”x6”x1”, miniature installed: 3/4”x1”

Minis In Situ is an ongoing street art project by artist Talia Silveri Wright. This photographic series features miniature sculptures placed throughout Seattle, WA (and beyond). The miniatures are placed, photographed, and left for passersby.

This piece is a sloth that was installed on an abandoned bike rack that I’ve been eying since I moved to the area. The little sloth still hangs there sleeply outside of Simply Desserts. The miniature sloth was installed using wire that was baked into his claws. Here are the tips from a Sloth:

  1. Take it easy
  2. Take your time
  3. Hangloose
  4. Do an inversion (namaste)
  5. Let things roll off you
  6. Take a nap
  7. Remember, you are cute no matter how many holiday pounds you put on.