Dumpster Life

Dumpster Life 2015 street art/ mixed media/ installation/ sculpture Print: 6”x6”x1”, miniature installed: ½” x ½ ”   Minis In Situ is an ongoing street art project by artist Talia […]

Edith Macefield House

Edith Macefiled turned down a $1 million offer to sell her home to a commercial developer. Edith is no longer on the planet but her 108-year old home has sat […]

Little Deviant Library

Took on the Little Library trend in March, 2015 by creating my own and placing at a Pea Patch in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood (without permission of course 😉 Needless to […]


Thanks for everyone who came and made minis with me last night. It was such a joy to share some techniques and see this wild idea come to fruition! As […]